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My Dad Is Dead “Time Has Come Today”

My Dad Is Dead Time Has Come Today Human Music Homestead Records post punk

My Dad Is Dead “Fireball”

I’m gonna burn my name into the pages of history

Today’s the day I’m gonna make it to the headlines

You’re gonna see my name everywhere

You’re gonna see my name everywhere

My Dad Is Dead Fireball Peace Love & Murder post punk

ronnieheater said: I read on a forum Heathyr was a member of where she admits to being a fetish model who also models in vintage-style erotica. So it's very likely that there is some softcore pornography of Heathyr sitting around somewhere. Perhaps the photographers who have worked with her know where I might be able to find some of it. Heathyr Hoffman is a very minor reality television celebrity who was on the Sci-Fi channel reality TV show "ghost hunters academy" in 2009. I am infatuated with her.

Erotica? As in photography? Where would I find this? Can you point me in the right direction?

ronnieheater said: Heathyr's photographers REFUSE to cooperate with me in telling me which photographers have shot her nude and when these nude sets were taken.

Those bastards! Have you considered an attorney? Don’t let them push you around!

thegingerbeard said: Where in the world is Heathyr Hoffman? Who framed Heathyr Hoffman? Heathyr Hoffman and the chocolate factory.

I suppose the more important question is, Who is ronnieheater? And why is he messaging me? LOL

ronnieheater said: Ask these photographers about Heathyr Hoffman and they will tell you about her. *Martin Hazine *Jesse Paulk *Jim Goodwin *Cactusprick *Steven Goldstein/Keyhole Productions *Nina Pak.

What are they gonna tell me exactly? Who is Heathyr Hoffman? I’m dying to know!

ronnieheater said: HEATHYR HOFFMAN

Hmmm I’m not familiar with that name. Are you sure you’re spelling it right?

ronnieheater said: She is a very minor reality television celebrity from 2009. I am infatuated with her. I saw her modelmayhem profile and I've been asking all of the photographers she's done work with if she has ever dropped her clothes for the camera. So far I've been able to find three photo from a shoot she did with Martin Hazine where she is standing in a shallow lake with two other women showing her bare ass.But I'd like to see more of her than just her two ass cheeks.

Who are you asking about exactly again?

ronnieheater said: I don't know why the SyFy channel changed it's name from Sci-Fi to SyFy. But after reading Heathyr Hoffman's modelmayhem profile, I've been asking all of her photographers if they know whether or not she has ever taken her clothes off in front of a photographer's camera. I've seen some pretty risque shots that she did for Martin Hazine, but not quite nude.

Heathyr Hoffman? The name kinda rings a bell but maybe I’m confusing her with Abbie Hoffman. Who is she exactly?

ronnieheater said: Heathyr Hoffman was on a SyFy channel reality show called "ghost hunters academy" back in 2009 and she has done a lot of modeling work since 2005. She has done work for Martin Hazine/Glossyworks. She is a very minor reality television celebrity.

Why did SyFy Channel change their name? Science Fiction is abbreviated as Sci-Fi not SyFy. SyFy sounds like a gay rapper.

with your big crime fighters and your newspaper writers still need a drugstoreto cure my buzz wild in the streets, we’re running wild in the streets

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Oh look a pic! Don’t get used to it. Brooke Nycole sexy in striped socks!

Oh look a pic! Don’t get used to it. Brooke Nycole sexy in striped socks!

Brooke Nycole striped socks socks sexy blond tattoos ink inked legs underboob Arizona Tate Hemlock

fronttowardenemy said: Dude why are people asking you to ask people to find people's naked pictures? Have you become the IMDB of Naked Women?

This is like his fourth time asking me. I don’t know if he thinks I am the Pony Express or fucking Google or what his major malfunction is but it just amuses me in a way that people watching at Wal-Mart amuses me.

ronnieheater said: Could you please ask Martin Hazine and Jesse Paulk if Heathyr Hoffman has ever shot any nudes at any point in her modeling career?

I don’t know who Heathyr Hoffman is.

ronnieheater said: Heahtyr Hoffman was on the SyFy channel reality show "ghost hunters academy" back in 2009 and she has done a lot of modeling work for Martin Hazine/Glossyworks photo. Since watching that show I have developed an unhealthy infatuation with her and did some research into her modeling career. Could you ask Martin Hazine if Heathyr has ever done any nude modeling or photoshoots at any point throughout her modeling career? I'd love to see her naked.

Unfortunately it is my understanding that all her nude photos were taken in as evidence by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office after she entered the Witness Protection Program and assumed a new identity.